Tell Your Members of Congress – Pass Comprehensive Infrastructure Package Now

Urge Your Members of Congress to Support Infrastructure Investment

Last Wednesday night, the U.S. Senate voted to move forward with a historic bipartisan infrastructure agreement. The vote on Wednesday allowed debate on the package to open and passed by a margin of 67-32, with 17 Republicans joining Democrats.

Late Sunday night, Senators finalized legislative language and released the bill. The Senate will debate the legislation throughout the week, with a final vote expected on Thursday.

What’s in the agreement?

  • Total investment of $1 trillion for the infrastructure spending bill.
  • Included in the funding is over $550 billion in new spending, broken down below with its corresponding ASCE Infrastructure Report Card categories.

New Proposed Infrastructure Funding

ASCE Report Card Category

$110 Billion for Roads, Bridges, Major Projects

Bridges, Roads

$11 Billion for Pipeline Modernization, Trucking Safety, and Traffic Safety

Energy, Roads

$39 Billion for Public Transit Repair


$66 Billion for Passenger and Freight Rail Repair and Expansion

Rail, Transit

$7.5 Billion for Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

Roads, Energy

$7.5 Billion for Low Carbon and Electric Buses and Ferries

Transit, Ports

$17 Billion for Port Infrastructure 
Ports, Inland Waterways

$25 Billion for Airport Maintenance and Resilience


$50 Billion for Cyber Resiliency, Wildfire Management, Flood Mitigation, Coastal Resiliency, Weatherization, and Ecosystem Restoration

Broadband, Dams, Energy, Levees, Stormwater

$55 Billion for Water Infrastructure

Drinking Water, Stormwater, Wastewater

$65 Billion to Bridge the Digital Divide


$21 Billion in Environmental Remediation

Hazardous Waste

$73 Billion for Nation’s Power Infrastructure



What are the next steps in passing the infrastructure bill?

  • The Senate will debate the bill this week, with an expected final vote by Thursday, August 5.
  • Now is the time to tell your senators to vote ‘Yes’ on this crucial infrastructure agreement.

We cannot let Congress go on August recess without passing comprehensive infrastructure legislation. We demand bold federal leadership and action, robust investment, and a focus on resilience to raise the national infrastructure grade from a C-, so that every American family, community, and business can thrive. Take a few minutes to customize our template letter and let your Member of Congress know that the time to act is now.

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