Iowa: Iowans for Qualified Professionals

Posted: January 26, 2021

In 2019 ASCE co-founded the Alliance for Responsible Professional Licensing (ARPL). ARPL promotes a responsible, balanced approach to professional licensing. The coalition aims to educate policymakers and the public on the importance of high standards, rigorous education, and extensive experience within highly complex, technical professions that are relied upon to protect public safety and enhance public trust. Additionally, the coalition also looks to offer best practices and solutions drawn from our experience to serve as models that work for the public and members of a given profession.

ARPL advocates for licensing practices within professions that deliver uniform qualifications, standards, safety, and consistency, while also providing individuals with a clear career path and fair opportunities to pursue and maintain that career. 

With the possibility of legislation in the Iowa legislator that could impact licensing, ARPL has decided to focus efforts in Iowa in order to educate policymakers on the importance of professional licensing. As legislation is put forward in Iowa, ASCE will alert Iowa members.

In the meantime, we encourage Key Contacts to reach out to their state legislators to share the attached resources and discuss how professional licensing is different from occupational licensing and discuss why it is rigorous for a reason.

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