Issue Background

Supporting Javakhk

Our request is for the U.S. government - in consultation with the Georgian authorities - to ensure that at least 10% of robust levels of U.S. aid to Georgia should be targeted to the Samtskhe-Javakheti region to support job-creation and poverty reduction programs.

Javakhk, a historically Armenian region in the southern part of the Republic of Georgia, is facing serious economic hardships.

The economic well-being, civic engagement, and healthy social development of the Armenian population of Javakhk represent important keys to a unified, independent, and democratic Georgia that both respects pluralism and promotes local self-government.

In the spirit or finding sustainable solutions, the ANCA supports ongoing cooperative and constructive engagement by the U.S. government, the Republic of Georgia, the local Armenian leadership and relevant international and regional stakeholders in helping the citizens of Javakhk to address the serious cultural, governance, religious, and economic challenges facing the region, including - most notably - high unemployment and poverty rates.  As part of this effort, the ANCA regularly shares information with U.S. legislators about current issues facing Armenians in Javakhk, as well as those living in the capital city of Tbilisi, and throughout Georgia.

The ANCA has welcomed past USAID and Millennium Challenge Corporation aid programs in Javakhk, but believes that much more needs to be done.  As such, we underscore the broad-based benefit for Georgia, Armenia, and all regional stakeholders of robust, targeted U.S. economic and development aid and public-private job-creation partnerships for the Javakhk region.