How do your candidates stand on motorcycle issues?

2016-10-27 | , American Motorcyclist Association

With Election Day barely two weeks away, the American Motorcyclist Association reminds you to check out the AMA 2016 Vote Like A Motorcyclist campaign, created just for you.

Go to the Vote Like A Motorcyclist web page and select your state to see where your candidates stand.

A key component is the federal incumbents’ “AMA Gauge” rating. A green rating indicates a candidate is 100 percent in agreement with the priorities of the AMA and its members.

There is state-specific basic voting information below the voting guide. You will find valuable information, such as polling places and hours. Most importantly, it explains in detail on what to bring to the polls to make your voting process go smoothly.

If your candidates have not responded to the AMA’s questions, reach out to them. Just use the prewritten message we have provided to ask your candidates about the motorcycling issues most important to you. Then forward their responses to us at