Urge President Biden and your Legislators to Invest in Library Infrastructure!

Please ask that crucial funding for libraries is included in the upcoming infrastructure package.

We received some disappointing news for libraries and we need your help. President Biden released his infrastructure plan, and it fails to include funding for library facilities. Furthermore, the proposal would provide only half the level of grants for school facilities – including school libraries – that the House approved last year. 

While we’re concerned that libraries were omitted from President Biden’s plan, it’s only the first step of the legislative process. We’re glad that the Administration has brought focus to modernizing our infrastructure. But it’s crucial that the White House and Congress hear: libraries are part of our infrastructure, and the time to invest is now.

Make no mistake, this infrastructure bill will shape our country for decades to come. Library workers and users, today and in the future – our kids and grandkids – deserve better than the problems that plague too many libraries: leaky roofs, buildings that aren’t fully accessible to people with disabilities, outdated HVAC, inadequate space, and Wi-Fi dead zones.

Will you send a message to President Biden and your legislators and urge them to include crucial funding for libraries in the upcoming infrastructure package?