“Lead-off” advocacy home run ignites FY 2018 library funding rally!

2017-04-07 | District Dispatch

If you’ve been to this page in the last few weeks, you know that the President has proposed wiping out all library funding – and the agency that administers much of it (IMLS) – in his initial FY 2018 budget proposal. You also know that thousands of librarians, library supporters, users, vendors and just plain folk in literallyLSTA and IAL letters with the signatures every Congressional district in the country used the ALA Legislative Action Center and many other channels to insist that their Representative in the House sign two “Dear Appropriator” letters to the Appropriations Committee asking them to preserve funding this year for the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) and Innovative Approaches to Literacy program.

Well, you hit it out of the park at our first at bat of the FY 2018 appropriations lobbying season. One-third of the entire House of Representatives, from both parties, signed each of those Dear Appropriator letters and nearly 170 Members signed at least one! That’s a nearly 18% increase in support for IAL and a record-shattering 64% increase for LSTA! Now we’ve absolutely got to keep the rally you started going … and going … and going all through this calendar year. But, just like in baseball, it’s one at bat and one inning at a time. And if we’re lucky we’ll even get a welcome seventh inning stretch this summer!

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Later in April, it’ll be both of your US Senators’ turns to hear how much you want them to save IMLS and to keep the budget axe well away from LSTA and IAL funding for FY 2018. While our champions in the Senate warm up before delivering their own Dear Appropriator pitches, however, you can help load the bases now by driving this line to your Member of the House and both your Senators: “Please save IMLS and fight for full FY 2018 LSTA and IAL funding this year.”

Please, click now and then stay loose while keeping an ear out here for a loud “batter up!” That’ll be the signal to knock our Senate LSTA and IAL Dear Appropriator letter signature totals out of the park . . . again. Check this Senate tracker to see if your Senator signed last year and stay tuned for updates on who is signing this year.

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