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State Advocacy Webinar

ADEA Offers State Advocacy Webinar


ADEA is pleased to announce the release of a webinar designed to help you improve your state advocacy efforts. Effectively Advocating for Dental Education at the State Level is hosted by Phil Mauller, ADEA Director for State Relations and Advocacy, and provides insight into the ways in which your role as a dental educator or student puts you in a position to be a strong voice for dental education. The webinar covers more than just the legislative process. It also details ways to get involved, strategies to adopt and a review of ADEA resources designed to help advocates like you.


The webinar can be taken for continuing education credit, and can be used in conjunction with ADEA’s State Advocacy Toolkit. ADEA’s U.S. Interactive Legislative and Regulatory Tracking Map can also be used to help you stay up-to-date on recent developments in your state and others.

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