NIH and AHRQ FY18 Funding Letters

2017-03-18 | , Association for Clinical and Translational Science

In the aftermath of the administration’s FY18 budget request to Congress, standard advocacy and outreach in support of medical research continues. In this regard, I have attached:

-The House of Representatives annual bipartisan sign on letter for NIH calling for “at least $36 billion” for NIH in FY 2018. This letter represents the priorities of Congress, and the commitment to the NIH funding increase remains unchanged despite the administration’s position.

-The Friends of AHRQ community sign on letter that asks for Congress to provide AHRQ with adequate funding for FY 2018. This community action, and any subsequent congressional support, serves in part to reject the administration’s proposal to combine AHRQ and NIH (while eliminating AHRQ and reducing NIH’s budget).

We will take appropriate action, but wanted to share these given the emerging debate and backlash over the budget request.


House NIH DCL FY18.pdf

FoA SignOn FY18_Draft.doc

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