Veterans rally against CAIR's involvement in upcoming Veterans Day Parade

2015-11-09 | , KJRH Tulsa

As backlash grows against a Muslim group participating in Tulsa's Veterans Day Parade this year, several veterans held an anti-CAIR rally Sunday to protest the group's involvement.

The outrage among many veterans has continued to grow after the Council for Islamic-American Relations, or CAIR, was approved for a float in the Veterans Day parade.

Many say this isn't about Islam as a religion - they believe this group has terrorist ties.

Rex Morgan is a former helicopter mechanic for the U.S. Marines.

"I got a son who's in right now. So it runs in the family," he said.

A family history of patriotism is what he says brought him to rally Sunday to stand up against CAIR, a group he calls the enemy.

"From everything I know, they're tied into the Muslim Brotherhood, which is tied into everything we're fighting against," Morgan said. "It's a slap in the face."

Morgan is not alone. Sunday's rally drew in folks of all walks of life and military branches, including local leaders.

"That is a disgrace. That's a thumb in the eye...a poke in the eye of the American veteran," said State Representative Mike Ritze, (R) District 80. "We can't judge motives but we can certainly judge actions and their actions are very evil and diabolical to the American way of life."

Together, the group promised that come Wednesday, they would turn their back on CAIR’S float as it came down the parade route. It's a strong message from a group of Oklahomans who view the day set aside for veterans as sacred.

"Some of these guys gave a lot, some gave all." Morgan said. "You can't just forget when a guy gives up his life for his country, you can't forget that."

The Council for Islam-American Relations Oklahoma says they're heartbroken about the rally, but do not want to comment. They say they want to focus their efforts on honoring the country's veterans on Wednesday.


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