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February 17, 2017


Current law provides for a two year teacher probationary period prior to the granting of permanent status.  Because of the March 15th notification date, the decision to provide permanent status must be made in 15-18 months.  As a result, an administrator who is unsure of whether the probationary teacher will be a great teacher must resort to non-reelecting them.  Recent court cases challenging the extension of probation have stated this is an issue for the legislature.  The State Board of Education, when confronted with a probationary employee extension waiver, stated this issue is for the legislature to resolve.  AB 1220 has been introduced to extend the teacher probationary period for 3 years. AB 1220 passed out of the Assembly with a vote of 61-5, over the extraordinary opposition by the unions.  Currently the bill provides for an optional 3 year probation for those teachers an administrator is unsure of.  The sponsors of the bill are planning to amend the bill to a firm 3 year probation.  Now AB 1220 is in the Senate and additional amendments are forthcoming.

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