ACP Action Alert: Urge Secretary Azar to Create a Targeted Provider Relief Fund Allocation to Keep Primary Care Practices from Closing!

Starting today, ACP has launched an aggressive multi-faceted advocacy campaign, in collaboration with other frontline clinicians and allied organizations, aimed at urging the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to prioritize payments from the Provider Relief Fund (PRF), through a targeted allocation, specifically for primary care clinicians and/or their practices. Congress created the PRF, containing billions of dollars, so that those on the frontlines of health care during this pandemic would receive immediate aid but, unfortunately, disbursements from the PRF are not reaching these vital primary care practices as they should, and many are just weeks away from having to close their doors.  HHS needs to do its part to ensure that these funds are being distributed to primary care practices so that they can stay afloat at a time when patients need them the most.

ACP specifically advocates that Secretary Azar create a targeted PRF allocation to primary care clinicians and their practices that is sufficient to offset lost revenue and increased expenses related to COVID-19, after taking into account any disbursement a practice may receive from the PRF general allocations.  Read ACP’s June 1st letter to Secretary Azar.  The allocation should be distributed immediately and effectively to primary care clinicians and practices, in time to prevent them from closing their doors, and continued through CY 2020.

[In addition to advocating for a targeted allocation to primary care, ACP will continue to advocate that physicians in all specialties, including internal medicine subspecialists and those in independent smaller practices, get sufficient funding from the PRF for lost revenue and increased expenses].

We urge AIMn members to engage with us in this effort.  We ask that you send a letter as soon as possible this week—preferably today or tomorrow—to maximize our chances of persuading Secretary Azar to make the targeted allocation to primary care.  Other powerful interest groups are lobbying him to direct most of the funds to their members, and primary care could be left behind unless he hears from you! 

Action Requested: Please send a letter to the secretary urging him to create a targeted allocation from the Provider Relief Fund for primary care clinicians and/or their practices.  A sample letter has been drafted that you can personalize, if you wish.  Simply follow the prompts.

Before you can take action, we need to learn more about you.

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