America Thank You Near East Relief
Issue Background

Aid to Armenia

“As the current Administration seeks to reduce foreign aid across the board, we must ensure that Armenia has the resources to address the compelling humanitarian needs as a result of the current refugee crisis and Turkey’s blockade, as well as Azerbaijan’s ongoing and deadly ceasefire violations."

The Armenian Assembly urges the Congress to allocate not less than $40 million in economic assistance as well as $11 million in military assistance (Foreign Military Financing and International Military Education Training) to Armenia. The Assembly also supports the bipartisan request by 25 Members of the House to ensure not less than $8 million in assistance to Artsakh, as well as not less than $20 million to support implementation of the Royce-Engel peace proposals. The Assembly also urges enhanced assistance to Christian and other minority communities at risk in the Middle East, as well as the over 20,000 refugees settling in Armenia and urges the allocation of $40 million to support Armenia’s efforts to serve as a regional safe haven.

Read the Armenian Assembly's Testimony:

FY 2018  Senate Testimony

FY 2018 House Testimony