Issue Background

Safety and Security

To ensure that all residents across our entire region feel safe and secure in their every neighborhood we will:

  • Work with regional authorities and elected leaders to develop and implement a comprehensive plan to increase public safety in St. Louis; leverage private sector support and funding to enhance law enforcement capabilities where needed
  • Advocate for reforms in Missouri’s Use of Deadly Force statute to bring state law in line with federal standards
  • Support select PERF and Forward Through Ferguson recommendations to improve professional training standards for law enforcement officers and increase public transparency

It’s a relevant lesson for us, as we work together to form a more perfect community, to learn from the framers of the U.S. Constitution who’s agenda for change started with “establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility.”  People cannot prosper economically when they are worried about their basic safety and civil rights.  Violent crime creates individual tragedies that devastate families, affects our quality of life and makes it difficult to attract and retain the talent that drives the St. Louis economy.  Injustices from inequities spread community hurt and mistrust.

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