Ineffective Use of Government Resources

Shared by Sarah Spero - 8/9/2019

Every citizen wants their government to perform in the most efficient way, both to control costs and to provide good services. While on the surface this proposed rule states it will allow for more effective procedures the opposite is true. When families must apply TWICE to receive the same services, that is TWICE the paperwork for them and for the government, TWICE the record-keeping, and overall TWICE the cost of providing the same service. This is not an efficient use of resources.

It also impacts the services we can provide to needy children. Whether the child is at a school where 90% of the children are needy or only 40% of the children are needy the issues for that child are the same. Namely, easy access to their benefits. In my district our CEP schools are very close to the 40% limit and we work hard to maintain the program for the benefit of the families. One of the schools only had 5 students over the limit. Any chilling effect that might be caused by this proposal would force us off the program that helps so many.

It also puts our district at a high financial risk for unpaid meal charges. We reduced our unpaid charges by over 50% by switching to CEP at just one site.

Please consider the total impact of this poorly thought out proposal.