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Are You a Cancer Prevention Advocate?

Could You Be an Advocate and Not Even Know it?

The word “advocacy” can be intimidating. Most people have never set foot on Capitol Hill or in their state legislature. However, advocacy is much more than supporting legislation or being involved in politics. It encompasses a wide array of activities and efforts and we believe that advocacy can actually be fun and easy. In fact, you are probably already an advocate and you don’t even know it.

Do you stay active and maintain a healthy weight?

Do you try to maintain a healthy diet?

Do you encourage family and friends to take care of themselves?

Have you been screened for cancer and other diseases?

Have you asked about your family medical history?

Do you keep up with news coverage about cancer and healthcare issues?

Have you participated in a health-related activity in your community?

Have you navigated a healthcare system for yourself or your loved one?

Have you sent a letter to the editor regarding a health-related issue?

Have you promoted a fitness program at your place of employment?

Have you ever contact a state legislator or member of Congress in support or opposition of an issue?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are already an advocate for cancer prevention and early detection! Learn more about what you can do to help your family, your community and your country with the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

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