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Promotional Products Work! (Not Used)

  • Promotional products have the highest advertising impact over television, print and online advertising.
  • 73% of people use a promotional product at least once a week.
  • 45% use a promotional product at least once a day.
  • 58% will keep a promotional product for one to four years.

Promotional products are logoed or imprinted items that educate, recruit, highlight safety awareness, urge organ donations and encourage healthy living and lifestyle choices. Promotional products recognize and reward employee achievements and inspire action. Promotional products are used to celebrate milestones, sign legislation and reinforce critical messages.

Viral, mobile, highly targeted and inexpensive, promotional products are the only advertising medium capable of engaging all five senses. Adding a message to a tangible product turns an ordinary message into a marketing experience the audience can see, touch, hear, smell and even taste.

Promotional products are the most cost-effective method for smaller businesses to market their products and services. These products are often used to reinforce personal relationships with customers, clients and prospects. In this period of economic uncertainty, it is more important than ever to provide a personal connection.