Stories Page July 2014
Issue Background

Share your story

What sorts of stories are we looking for?

  • Local community news
  • Information on local Polish organizations
  • Local events
  • Interesting family stories
  • Potential leads on new PACI issues
  • Comments or stories based on current issuess
  • Information on response messages from the targets of PACI issues
  • And any other interesting story about Polish Americans

Every Community defines what is most important to it through its stories. Our Polish and Polish American stories are among the most compelling told by any people. All of us share the great national and international stories like the tale of Kosciuszko’s struggle for liberty on two continents. These stories tie us together. Equally important are yesterday’s and today’s local experiences which root us in our communities: stories of pride in military service, family solidarity in the face of difficult circumstances, efforts to honor our elderly, contributions to the common life of the cities, towns and parishes we helped to build and how we see, for better or worse our place in America today. These stories also express our hopes for the future and an assessment of what we need to survive and flourish as a community at local and national levels.

The PACI team wants you to share your story with us, we want to know what is important for you, what action we need to take and what you feel is important to Polish Americans. We want to know what issues are pressing you and your Community. Is a civic organization doing something good for or in the name of Poles and you would like to let others know? Is a television program making derogatory remarks about Poles or Poland and you want to let other Polish Americans know?

If there are no issues affecting you but you or your community but you would like to let others know about some interesting news about Polish Americans or Poland or an interesting organization let us know. If the PACI team likes your story we will post it on the PACI website for others to read and become aware. The PACI team may make your issue one of our issues and present it on the website for advocates to take action on or we may present it just so other PACI advocates can be informed by it.

The best way for Polish Americans to get their voices heard is by communicating with one another and making each other aware of our individual stories, experiences and issues. 

If you have questions or comments on the layout of the PACI website or any other topic related to PACI please contact the PACI team via email at