Personal PAC Announces Support for HB 40

2017-02-01 | Personal PAC

Personal PAC is fighting to stop abortion from becoming illegal in Illinois. We support the passage of HB 40 through the Illinios General Assembly. Here is more information  about the bill:

HB 40 removes anti-choice language, stating that "life" begins at conception, from the Illinois Criminal Code so that abortion remains legal in Illinois.

HB 40 repeals the harmful discriminatory Illinois law that prevents low-income women from obtaining abortion care solely due to their health insurance.

HB 40 also repeals the outrageous Illinois law that denies insurance coverage for abortion care to state employees, while male state employees have coverage for Viagra. 

We need your help contacting State Representatives to let them know HB 40 should be their top priority. Click here to contact your State Representative.