New State Pain Policy Report Cards Released

2014-08-28 |

Results are very encouraging; new report card shows 24 states have improved pain policies since 2012

The report, Achieving Balance in State Pain Policy: A Progress Report Card (CY 2013) shows the extent that state policies can support pain management and patient care. The University of Wisconsin Pain & Policy Studies Group (PPSG) prepared the report, which was jointly funded by the American Cancer Society, the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN) and the LIVESTRONG Foundation.

SPPAN, working in collaboration with ACS CAN and others, is developing tools that will enable advocates to take appropriate action in their states—using this report to inform policymakers about opportunities for improvement.


Achieving Balance in State Pain Policy: A Progress Report Card (CY 2013)

Achieving Balance in State and Federal Pain Policy: A Guide to Evaluation (CY 2013)

Read ACS-CAN press release — July 14, 2014

At A Glance Summary of 2013 Data -- July 2014

FAQ and Background — July 2014

Next Steps for Action in Your State:

SPPAN stands ready to partner with you in your advocacy efforts.  Pain policy advocates must inform the medical community about improved pain policies, so people with pain can benefit from them.  People affected by pain, healthcare organizations and professionals, regulatory officials, licensing boards, and legislators all have a role to play in promoting a balanced approach to pain care policy and practice.

Stay tuned: We are planning future calls to keep the momentum and discussion moving forward to support those living with pain. SPPAN can also assist you with:

  • Developing policy-related agenda items for your next meeting
  • Tracking and analyzing pain policies
  • Brainstorming the best approach for action in your state (based on these new grades)
  • Facilitating networking calls with other advocates as you consider ways to take action
  • Learning more about what is going on in your state
  • Other ways to collaborate

Contact SPPAN Director, Amy Goldstein to talk about your state and opportunities for action!