New York - SB5436

Requires health care professional undergraduate, graduate and continuing education in chronic pain management and treatment


March 27, 2017


Establishes the State Chronic Pain Management Education and Training Council to be an expert panel to advise the Commissioner and Commissioner of Education on:

  1. Advances in the optimum treatment, management and best practices related to mitigating or alleviating chronic pain;
  2. To promote better interdisciplinary and coordinated provision of care related to pain management;
  3. To develop new public policies related to advancing the teaching of such new treatments, management regimens, or best practices on chronic pain management and care in chronic pain certified medical schools and chronic pain care certified residency programs; and
  4. Develop guidelines to assist the education department in establishing materials and curricula to be used in providing professional continuing education programs for those health care professionals regulated by such department.

The members of the council shall have expertise in the treatment and management of chronic pain and the care of patients that are afflicted with chronic pain conditions.

The council shall be composed of 25 members appointed by the Commissioner, who shall seek recommendations for appointments from health care professional, consumer, medical institutional, medical educational leaders, and other professional educational leaders from the state. 

Membership shall include:

  • 9 representatives of medical schools and hospital organizations;
  • 2 representatives of medical academies;
  • 1 licensed acupuncturist;
  • Individual representatives of organizations broadly representative of physicians, family physicians, primary care physicians, internal medicine, rheumatology, nursing, gerontology, hospice, neurology, psychiatry, pediatrics, surgery, acupuncture, chiropractic care, podiatric care, pharmacists, or those professionals related to the prescription or manufacture of pain medications, emergency room health care professionals, massage therapists, occupational and physical therapy, patient advocates, and the hospital philanthropic community;
  • Health care plan payors or insurers;
  • The executive director or a member of the New York State Council on Graduate Medical Education; and
  • A member of the New York State Palliative Care Education and Training Council.

The council, in consultation with the department, the education department, and health care professional organizations shall develop, compile, and publish information and course materials on the advanced treatment and mitigation of chronic pain suffered by patients.  Within 2 years, the council shall make recommendations regarding mandatory continuing education related to pain, which shall be required by 2020.

The Commissioner is authorized to make grants to chronic pain care certified medical schools and schools of health care professionals to enhance the study and research of chronic pain treatment and management, increase the opportunities for undergraduate medical education in chronic pain care treatment and management, and encourage the education of physicians in chronic pain care management and treatment.

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