Maryland - HB1211

Health Care Providers - Opioid Prescriptions - Limitations and Requirements


February 9, 2017


A health care provider may not write a prescription for more than a 7-day supply of an opioid if the opioid is being prescribed to:

  1. A minor; or
  2. An adult who has not previously been prescribed an opioid for outpatient use.

A health care provider who is prescribing an opioid to a minor shall discuss with the minor and, if present, the minor’s custodial parent or legal guardian, the following information:

  1. The risks of addiction and overdose associated with the opioid;
  2. The dangers associated with taking the opioid with alcohol, benzodiazepines, or other central nervous system depressants; and
  3. The reason that the prescription is necessary.

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