New Jersey - S2035

Restricts initial prescriptions for opioid drugs to seven day supply.


April 18, 2016


This bill provides that a practitioner may not issue an initial prescription for an opioid drug in a quantity exceeding a seven-day supply.  No less than six days after issuing the initial prescription, the practitioner may issue a subsequent prescription in any quantity that complies with applicable State and federal laws, provided that the prescription is not deemed to be an initial prescription, the practitioner determines the prescription is necessary and appropriate to the patient’s treatment needs, and the practitioner determines that issuance of the subsequent prescription does not present an undue risk of abuse, addiction, or diversion.

The bill will apply to prescriptions for opioid drugs for which the patient has never been issued a prescription, or if the patient was previously prescribed the drug or its pharmaceutical equivalent, the current prescription is being issued more than one year after the date the patient last used or was administered the drug or its equivalent. In determining whether a prescription is an “initial prescription,” the practitioner will be required to consult with the patient and review the patient’s medical record and prescription monitoring information.

The restriction on initial prescriptions for opioid drugs under the bill will not apply to prescriptions issued to patients receiving hospice care.

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