NCMB meets, discusses new position statements

2018-07-18 | July 18, 2018

This afternoon at the North Carolina Medical Board's Policy Committee meeting, the committee discussed the proposal of three new position statements, and unanimously approved two of the three position statements that were up for review:

Composition Position Statement Pertaining to Medical Records - This "new" position statement is a combination of all of the position statements on medical records, with very few substantive changes to the individual position statements. The Committee felt that bringing all of the medical record position statements under one umbrella would make it easier for the Medical Board's licensee population to find and understand anything relating to medical records and the retention of the records. The following position statements will now be under this one omnibus position statement: Access to Medical Records, Medical Record Documentation, and Retention of Medical Records.

Clinician Obligation to Complete a Certificate of Death - This is a brand new position statement and North Carolina will be one of the first states in the nation to put together a position statement addressing a clinician's obligation to complete a death certificate. Increasingly, the Medical Board has been getting calls from funeral directors and other other people involved in the care of the deceased on their concern with providers denying to sign a death certificate. This position statement will clarify that physicians, PAs, and NPs who are asked to sign a death certificate, are obligated to sign the death certificate.

Stem Cell Treatment - At the Policy Committee meeting in May, several committee members brought forth concerns about the unregulated use of stem cell treatments. Medical Board staff stated that there has not been a lot of regulatory action on stem cell treatments across the nation, other than in terminal patients, and recommended that the committee allow for the issue to ripen for a bit longer before creating a position statement. This is an issue that the FDA is looking into right now. The commitee took no action on establishing a stem cell treatment position statement.

At the Policy Committee meeting in September, the committee will review the following position statements: 

  1. The Medical Supervisor-Trainee Relationship
  2. Advertising and Publicity
  3. Telemedicine