Governor signs 29 bills into law

2018-06-25 | June 25, 2018

Last Friday, Governor Cooper signed 29 bills into law, leaving an additional 45 bills on his desk for consideration.

Bills signed by the Governor on Friday includes:

HB 156: Medicaid PHP Licensure & Transformation Modifications

An act to require Medicaid prepaid health plans to obtain a license from the Department of Insurance and to make other changes pertaining to Medicaid Transformation and the Department of Insurance.

HB 277: Naturopathic Study

An act to establish a work group to make recommendations for appropriate oversight and regulation of the practice of naturopathic medicine in North Carolina and to report to the Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Health and Human Services.

HB 403: Medicaid & Behavioral Health Modifications

An act to modify the Medicaid Transformation legislation.

HB 651: State Pension/Retirement Health Benefit Fund Solvency

An act to establish the Unfunded Liability Solvency Reserve.

SB 368: Update False Claims Act/Rare Disease Appointments/HIE

An act to align the North Carolina False Claims Act with the Federal False Claims Act; to extend the terms for the current members of the Advisory Council on Rare Diseases; and to extend participation in the HIE Network for certain providers.

SB 616: Heroin & Opioid Prevention & Enforcement Act

An act amending laws pertaining to the North Carolina Controlled Substances Act and the North Carolina Controlled Substances Reporting System Act, including the revision and establishment of penalties for certain violations, and expressing the intent to appropriate additional funds in the future for community-based substance use disorder treatment and recovery services, the purchase of overdose medications, Operation Medicine Drop, and special agent position within the State Bureau of Investigation, and to amend the statewide telepsychiatry program that delivers mental health and substance abuse care.

SB 630: Revise IVC Laws to Improve Behavioral Health

An act revising the laws pertaining to involuntary commitment in order to improve the delivery of behavioral health services in North Carolina.

SB 768: People First Language 2018

An act to update the General Statutes of North Carolina with People First Language by changing the phrase "mental retardation" to "intellectual disability" in certain sections and to make other People First Language amendments and technical amendments in those sections, as recommended by the General Statutes Commission.