At NCAPA's request, rules changed to specifically name PAs

2018-04-30 | April 30, 2018

In August 2017, NCAPA submitted a public comment to the Criminal Justice Education & Training Standards Commission, and subsequently testified at the August Commission meeting, requesting that three rules be modified to specifically name PAs. At the beginning of April, these rules were officially modified to include PAs. 

Prior to this change the rules just named surgeons and physicians, not PAs or NPs. This is likely because state law allows for licensed MDs or DOs to delegate such tasks to PAs and NPs, without them being explicitly named.

12 NCAC 09B .0101 - Minimum Standards for Criminal Justice Officers

States that every criminal justice officer employed by an agency must be examined and certified by a licensed surgeon, physician, PA, or NP to meet physical requirements necessary to properly fulfill the officer's particular responsibilities.

12 NCAC 09B .0104 - Medical Examination

States that each applicant for employment as a criminal justice officer must complete the Commission's Medical History Statement Form within one year prior to employment and be examined by a surgeon, physician, PA, or NP.

12 NCAC 09C .0306 - Lateral Transfer of Law Enforcement Officers

Clarifies that a law enforcement officer may transfer from law enforcement agency to another law enforcement agency after taking the proper steps, including being examined by a surgeon, physician, PA, or NP.

NCAPA took a proactive position on requesting that these rules be modified to specifically name PAs. Law allows for PAs to conduct physical examinations on patients, as a delegated task from a physician, and while NCAPA was not aware of any PA whose physicals for a criminal justice officer had been turned away because PAs were not specifically named in the rules, NCAPA did not want to have that happen in the future, due to a strict interpretation of the rule. (See: Bill filed in the House to clarify that PAs can sign for handicap placards)