The Committee on Access to Healthcare in Rural NC makes recommendations for the 2018 session

2018-04-19 | April 19, 2018

This month, legislative interim committees, which meet while the legislature is not in session, met for the final time before the 2018 short session starts on May 16. The primary purpose of interim committees is to study issues more in depth and to subsequently make recommendations to the legislature for consideration during the subsequent session.

The Committee on Access to Healthcare in Rural North Carolina unanimously voted to approve the following bills to be introduced in May.*

Bill Draft: GME/Rural Hospital Study

An act directing DHHS to study and report recommendations to create incentives for medical education in rural areas of the state and to assist rural hospitals in becoming designated teaching hospitals by CMS.

Bill Draft: Southern Regional & Eastern AHEC Funds

An act appropriating additional funds for the Southern Regoinal AHEC ($5 million for FY 18-19) and the Eastern AHEC ($3 million for FY 18-19).

Bill Draft: Rural Hlth Loan Funds/Target for Rural Areas

An act appropriating funds to the Office of Rural Health for the State Loan Repayment Program and directing the Office of Rural Health to ensure its loan repayment program is targeted to benefit healthcare providers in rural NC including identifying the need for the dentists in rural areas and to make recommendations to the Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on HHS.

  • Appropriates an additional $3 million to the NC State Loan Repayment Program, and $800,000 of the $3 million shall be used for the repayment of loans owed by PAs and NPs.

Bill Draft: Study State Health Plan & Medicaid

An act to direct the Program Evaluation Division to study changes to the State Health Plan and to direct DHHS to study changes to the Medicaid program that will increase preventative health services, improve health outcomes, and lower the cost of care.



*NOTE: Although these bills will be introduced during the short session, it does not guarantee that these bills will become law. These bills could also see many changes and amendments throughout the legislative process.