DID YOU KNOW? NCMB's position statement on social media

2018-03-29 | March 29, 2018

As spring break approaches, a time where many PAs and PA students, along with othe providers, take medical mission trips in various countries around the world, it is a good time to remember what the North Carolina Medical Board says about social media and professionalism.

In an article posted by the NCMB in 2011, titled "Practicing medicine in the Facebook age," they said: 

"Even the posting of information for which patient permission has been obtained should be carefully scrutinized for improprieties, or the appearance of improprieties. The unequal relationship between a physician and patient may result in an unappreciated violation of trust. The patient may give consent to online posts that they would not or could not otherwise agree to, out of a sense of obligation to the physician. Another potential area of concern is the practice of posting pictures taken during international medical mission trips. These photos often include patients who have been seriously injured or have unusual conditions. Most ethicists believe it is improper for physicians or other clinicians to display such pictures on social media sites. Recent technological advances, including the use of face-recognition software to identify individuals in posted photos, increases the peril of sharing images of patients online."

Click here to read the NCMB's position statement on professional use of social media.