An update on NC HealthConnex

2018-02-02 | February 2, 2018

This week the Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Information Technology recieved an update from the the executive director of the Health Information Exchange Authority (HIEA) on NC HealthConnex, the state's health information exchange.

The purpose of NC HealthConnex is to break down silos between networks that health care providers input patient information into, enabling providers to have access to their patients' full records across all providers- including labs, diagnostics, allergies, medications, etc.

The latest stats from NC HealthConnex show that:

  • 1,200 participants are live and sending all patient data. This includes over 30 county health departments and FQHCs, over 20 hospitals and health systems, over 200 primary care providers, and over 400 ambulatory sites, including specialty providers.
  • Another 300+ participants are in queue for onboarding.
  • There are already over 4 million unique patient records in the system.

During the meeting, the HIEA reported that the following value-added features are included in the system:

  • The direct secure messaging accounts allows for providers to safety connect to each other in order to send and recieve secure, encrypted messages.
  • Participants have access to the DSM Provider Directory, which has over 16,000 health care providers' secure messaging addresses.
  • Allows for public health reporting via registries.
  • Clinical notifications allows for the clinical data to be captured with timely analytics and reporting about patient populations.

It is expected that 98% of the state's health care providers will be connected to NC HealthConnex by June 1, 2020. At that time, it is projected that the HIEA will have visibility into approximately 90% of citizens recieving treatment in North Carolina. There will also be access to data from other states through connections to national networks.