NCAPA and program directors partner to hold legislative visits at NC PA programs

2017-12-12 | December 12, 2017

This fall, NCAPA partnered with many of the PA program directors across the state to hold legislative visits.The purpose of the visits were to bring in state House and Senate members into the programs in order to tour the faciltiies and learn more about how PAs are trained and what PAs do on a day-to-date basis. Legislative visits occured at: East Carolina University, Elon University, High Point University, Wingate Univeristy, the Hendersonville campus of Wingate University, and Wake Forest University. NCAPA plans to continue these legislative visits at additional PA programs in 2018.

Rep. Farmer-Butterfield, Rep. Greg Murphy, Sen. Don Davis, Sen. Louis Pate, and Dylan Finch from Rep. Susan Martin's office visited the East Carolina University PA program.


Rep. Dennis Riddell, Rep. Steven Ross, and Sen. Rick Gunn visited the Elon University PA program.


Rep. John Faircloth and Rep. Amos Quick visited the High Point University PA program.


Rep. Dean Arp, Rep. Mark Brody, Rep. Craig Horn, and Sen. Tommy Tucker visited the Wingate University PA program. Rep. Chuck McGrady visited the Hendersonville campus.


Rep. Debra Conrad, Edward Hanes, Rep. Julia Howard, Rep.Donny Lambeth, Rep. Evelyn Terry, Sen. Joyce Krawiec, and Sen. Paul Lowe visited the Wake Forest University program.