Bill revising schedules of controlled substances signed into law

2017-07-18 | July 18, 2017

This morning the Governor signed HB 464: Revise Schedule of Controlled Substances into law.

The legislation revises the schedule of controlled substances to add synthetic fentanyls, designer hallucinogenics, synthetic cannabinoids, system depresessants, and other substances to the schedule. The changes to the schedule are effective December 1, 2017.

Changes include:

  • Defines "opioid" as any synthetic narcotic drug having opiate-like activities but is not derived from opium.  
  • Makes the following changes to Schedule 1:
    • Excludes levo-alphacetylmethadol
    • Adds the following opiates: U47700, AH-7921, U-49900, U-77891, W-18, W-15, MT-45, and fentanyl derivatives
    • Adds the following hallucinogenic substances: BTCP, deschloroketamine, 3-MeO-PCP, 4-hydroxy-MET, 4-OH-MiPt, 5-MeO-MiPT
    • Adds the following systemic depressants: etizolam, flubromazepam, phenazepam, and substituted cathinones by substitution at the nitrogen atom with alkyl, dialkyl, benzyl, or methoxybenzyl groups
    • Adds synthetic cannabinoids, including dozens of examples of what falls under this category
  • Makes the following change to Schedule 2:
    • Changes "hydrocodone" to instead state "any material, compound, mixture, or preparation which contains any quantity of hydrocodone"
  • Makes the following changes to Schedule 3:
    • Removes the following: not more than 300 mg of dihydrocodeinone per 100 ml or not more thank 15 mg per dosage unit with a four-fold or greater quantity of an isoquinoline alkaloid of opium & not more than 300 mg of dihydrocodeinone per 100 ml or not more than 15 mg per dosage unit, with one or more active, nonnarcotic ingredients in recognized therapeutic amounts.
    • Adds buprenorphine (previously schedule IV)
    • Adds the following anabolic steroids: boldione, madol, methasterone, estra-4,9(10)-diene-3,17-dione
  • Makes the following changes to Schedule IV:
    • Adds the following depressants: carisoprodol, dichloralphenazone, fospropol, zopiclone
    • Adds the following narcotic drug: tramadol
    • Moves the following narcotic drug from schedule III to IV: buprenorphine
  • Makes the following changes to Schedule V:
    • Adds anticonvulsants: ezogabine, lacosamide, brivaracetam, pregabalin

Additionally, the bill establishes the Task Force on Sentencing Reforms for Opioid Drug Convictions. The purpose of the Task Force is to "study and review cases of inmates who are incarcerated solely for convictions of opioid drug offenses that require active sentences under structured sentencing; to consider how to identify inmates who would be able to successfully reintegrate into society, and to develop and consider options for modifying existing statutes."


  1. H464: Revise Schedule of Controlled Substances.