NCAPA opposes removing motorcycle helmet restrictions

2017-05-08 | May 8, 2017

In the final days before the crossover deadline, the North Carolina House's Transportation Committee took up HB 91: Require Safety Helmets/Under 21.The bill ended up passing the committee, and the bill's final two committee assignments, the House Finance and House Insurance committees were stricken, and the bill was calendared to be heard on the House floor the following day. 

At that time, the Government Affairs Committee voted, and the Board subsequently agreed, that NCAPA should oppose any efforts to remove the state's motorcycle helmet laws. HB 91 would remove the helmet requirement for any motorcycle operator who was 21 years old or older if the individual held a motorcycle license or endorsement for more than 12 months or successfully completed the Motorcycle Safety Instruction Program AND was covered by an insurance policy providing at least $10,000 in medical benefits.

After recieving opposition from health providers, hospitals, traffic safety organizations, and other concerned North Carolinians, the bill was removed from the House calendar. At this time, there are no additional plans to hear the bill again this year.

NCAPA will continue to stay on top of this bill, so that you can be informed and take action if the bill were to be revived again.


  1. H91: Require Safety Helmets/Under 21.