SB 160 scheduled to be heard in Senate Transportation tomorrow

2017-04-19 | April 18, 2017

Tomorrow, Wednesday, April 19, the Senate Transportation committee will consider SB 160: Handicap Parking Privilege Certification, which is sponsored by Sens. Andrew Brock, Wesley Meredith, and Ralph Hise. This bill was filed to clarify that PAs and NPs may sign for handicap placards, which is a necessary clarification after the DMV took a strict interpretation of the law in late 2016, which currently does not explicitly name PAs. Instead, PAs have always been able to sign for handicap placards, as it is a task that falls under the PA scope of practice, and therefore is a task that a physician may delegate to a PA.

A similar, but identical version of this bill, HB 11, passed the House in March on a vote of 114-4. HB 11 includes a line that allows for CNMs to sign for an initial application for a temporary removable windshield placard, while SB 160 does not include this langauge. HB 11 is presently housed in the Senate Rules committee.


  1. S160: Handicap Parking Privilege Certification.