California - AB1780

Importation of diseased dogs and cats.


January 5, 2018


California AB 1780 would require the State Public Health Officer to investigate outbreaks of communicable diseases caused by dogs or cats. Upon investigation, if the Officer finds that the importation of dogs or cats into the state for resale or change of ownership poses a threat of communicable disease that is dangerous to individuals, the Officer can issue an order prohibiting importation of those dogs or cats.

Prior to amendments on February 21, the bill included diseases that posed a threat to animals in addition to individuals. The bill now includes only diseases affecting humans, and would not include contagious diseases that affect animals, as the word “animals” was removed in the amendment. It mandates that the Officer must tailor the order to reasonably prevent danger and should specify an expiration date. Violators face serious penalties of up to $500 per importation of each prohibited dog or cat.

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