Indiana - SB16

Adoption of retired research animals.


January 3, 2018


Indiana SB 16 will require all research facilities that work with cats and dogs for education, research, science, and testing to offer them for adoption when their studies are completed. The bill appears to imply that research institutions need a law to force them to rehome these animals when, in fact, the research community has been finding homes for post-study animals of all kinds, without laws requiring them to do so, for decades. The bill only exempts animals with “substantial medical conditions” but does not speak to behavioral issues whatsoever. This is an important consideration for public safety, as is the case for any organization releasing animals to the public, including public shelters and rescue organizations. Most research institutions already have rehoming policies in place that take more into consideration than this bill would require. Decisions about rehoming should ultimately rest with the professional caregivers who care deeply for these animals and know them best.

The proponents behind these types of bills don’t actually care about the retirement of post-study animals so much as they do showcasing these animals as props to misinform and mislead the public about their lives in research. The true agenda of these groups is to manipulate public opinion and end the search for treatments and cures emanating from the biomedical profession, before it is truly possible to do so. This bill is yet another Trojan horse, hiding an animal rights agenda in what misleadingly appears to be animal welfare legislation.

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