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Issue Background

Agents & Brokers in Health Insurance Exchanges

Issue Resources

Using Certified Brokers to get Consumers Enrolled in Marketplace Plans | Recommendations to the Exchange

Letter to the Administration | Suggestions on how to engage agents and brokers to improve the Special Enrollment Period.

White Paper on State Regulation of Navigators | This paper summarizes state regulation of navigators in a health insurance exchange.

NAHU Recommendations for State-Based Regulation of Navigators

Health insurance agents and brokers have the experience, knowledge and skills to help people enroll in health insurance coverage both inside and outside of the health insurance exchanges. Agents and brokers don't just sell health insurance, they know health insurance and they are the only insurance assistors that have the resources to support a consumer throughout their entire plan year.

Unfortunately, while agents and brokers are ready and eager to assist consumers in the health insurance marketplaces, they have not been given all the necessary tools to do so. 

NAHU is actively advocating for several simple changes to the marketplace that would allow agents and brokers to better and more easily assist their exchange based clients. Changes such as establishing phone number dedicated to agents and brokers questions about how to enroll a consumer in the exchange and allowing for multiple National Producer Numbers (NPN) to be present on a consumer's application. Furthermore, NAHU would like to see agents and brokers given the ability to edit applications on behalf of their client. Finally, it is of upmost importance that there is an accurate listing of all marketplace certified agents and brokers for consumers to access and use as a tool in finding health insurance coverage. Some key pieces of legislation have addressed NAHU's concerns with the exchanges.