Issue Background

School Funding & Budget

MASSP supports adequate funding that provides local districts with the flexibility to address community needs while encouraging investment in key areas that support learning at the building level.

School funding shapes the state education system as schools constantly adapt to changes in both how much money they get and what strings are attached to that money.

While some of these strings create unworkable limitations, others can create opportunities for Principals to pursue and lead meaningful change at the building level. The challenge is to balance individual school's needs while ensuring that important programs are supported and maintained.

Most funding issues are resolved within the annual School Aid Budget debate, but the politics of school finance can bleed into debates surrounding elections, tax policy, and more, especially when focus shifts beyond how to allocate limited resources and onto discussions of adequacy, equity, and stability.

MASSP's advocacy role in funding issues is often more focused on supporting the efforts of our other statewide partners, but it is important that Principals remain informed and engaged on school budget and funding issues.