Issue Background

Educator Development & Evaluation

MASSP supports common sense efforts both at the local and state level to prioritize and support educator development and evaluation, both through policy and funding.

The largest in-school influence on student achievement is educator quality. Both teachers and administrators have significant impacts on a child’s education, so ensuring schools are equipped with top-notch educators is the best way to bolster Michigan’s education system.

In order to encourage growth, it is crucial to focus educator development and evaluation on increasing student achievement and not punitive measures. This runs the gamut from educator preparation programs to improvement-focused evaluations for all educators to high quality, relevant professional development and training to support every educator in reaching his or her potential.

As the instructional leaders in their buildings, Principals need to be supported with policies and funding that prioritize this important work. Whether through removing barriers for districts, common sense requirements, high expectations for educator preparation, or targeted funding, MASSP advocates for policy that will ensure Principals have the tools they need to guarantee quality educators and increase student achievement.