Issue Background

Curriculum & Standards

MASSP strongly supports maintaining Michigan's long-standing commitment to graduation requirements and content standards that ensure every student can graduate high school ready for their next educational step.

From changes to the Michigan Merit Curriculum to the never-ending debate over the Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards, discussion about Michigan's curriculum and standards are a perennial topic in Lansing.

Every session, lawmakers introduce dozens of bills to make changes to our state's current graduation requirements and content standards. Most of these proposed changes—as well intentioned as they may be—result in a feeling of constant fluctuation and uncertainty for students and educators.

Maintaining meaningful, rigorous requirements that help ensure students graduate college- and career-ready is an ongoing battle. Balancing the latest political movement against the best interests of students is an ongoing challenge.

In our globally connected economy, students need to graduate high school prepared for their next education step. Whether that next step is a four-year college, two-year college, or technical training program, it is important that Michigan maintain graduation requirements and content standards that prepare students for success.