Issue Background

Lame Duck Issues

During the 2013-14 legislative session, over 200 bills were passed in the last 3 weeks known as "Lame Duck".

We urge our members to be outspoken advocates during this time as things tend to move very quickly.

MASB's Government Relations team will send out weekly updates as usual, but also action alerts whenever any of these issues, or others, appear to be headed for action in the House or Senate.

Read the emails - contact your legislators - let your voices be heard!

MASB's voice and positions are made stronger each time one of its members takes action.

Here are the bills MASB is currently following (click on the bill numbers for more information):

SB33 Pupil information privacy, sets regulations on notifying parents when pupil information is shared. TO GOVERNOR

SB102 Close the MPSERS system for all new hires, SB1177-1178 are companion bills on this issue. DID NOT PASS SENATE

SB169-170 Creates a STEM endorsement for diplomas NOT CONSIDERED

SB209 Encourage U.S. founding documents to be included in social studies curriculum and require related questions on assessments. NOT CONSIDERED

SB211 Would not allow censorship on religious grounds of curriculum regarding America's historical documents. NOT CONSIDERED

SB279 Leave time accrual.  Would not allow a staff person to accrue time under MPSERS while using release time for union duties. DID NOT PASS HOUSE

SB280 ban collective bargaining agreements that allow for paid release time for union activities. DID NOT PASS HOUSE 

SB405-408 Truancy laws.  Would establish a statewide definition of truancy and policies regarding it. NOT CONSIDERED

SB437-438 Energy policy changes.  Could adversely affect the choice market for schools. TO GOVERNOR

SB442 Allow concealed carry in schools, ban open carry. NOT CONSIDERED

SB528 Modifies the process to disorganize an ISD. DID NOT PASS SENATE 

SB553 Allows a local district to opt-out of an ISD. DID NOT PASS SENATE

SB567 Repeals ban on schools starting before labor day. DID NOT PASS SENATE

SB638 Campaign finance law changes (could be used to once again limit actions a district can take to educate voters on a local ballot issue). NOT CONSIDERED

SB647/HB5160 Include CPR training in the model health curriculum (the bills are currently identical). SB647 TO GOVERNOR

SB713-715 Increases penalties for striking. NOT CONSIDERED

SB754-767 Reporting requirements. Eliminates or modifies many of the reports required of districts. TO GOVERNOR

SB805 Allow schools to stock opioid antagonists TO GOVERNOR

SB848 Student free speech. Would not allow a district to censor student journalists or publications. NOT CONSIDERED

HB4046 Require all new school buses to have enhanced rear lighting. DID NOT PASS HOUSE

HB4136 Require the citizenship test to graduate high school. TO GOVERNOR

HB4182 Physical presence to vote.  Creates a violation of the Open Meetings Act if a board member votes remotely. NOT CONSIDERED

HB4284-4285 Creates a STEM endorsement for diplomas. NOT CONSIDERED 

HB4795 Ban local ordinances related to firearms. NOT CONSIDERED

HB5156-5159 Teacher professional development and administrator continuing education.  Sets state standards and requirements for PD and continuing education. NOT CONSIDERED

HB5193 Codifies standards for balanced calendar waivers. NOT CONSIDERED

HB5194 Makes calendar a prohibited subject of bargaining. NOT CONSIDERED

HB5409-5418 seclusion & restraint. Limits the use of seclusion and restraint in schools and sets a statewide policy. TO GOVERNOR

HB5463 Revises graduation requirements related to foreign language, arts and computer coding. NOT CONSIDERED

HB5578 Dark Store legislation, changes how big box stores would be valued for property tax purposes. NOT CONSIDERED

HB5613 Prohibits any state rule from being more strict than federal rule/law. NOT CONSIDERED

HB5618-5621, 5693-5695 Changes in zero tolerance laws. TO GOVERNOR

HB5796 Would repeal the requirement to hire former staff first when hiring for special education positions. TO GOVERNOR

HB5806 Critical Shortage.  Would expand the retirees eligible to those that retired by Sept 2, 2016. NOT CONSIDERED

HB5924-5925 Repeals the hard cap on employee health care costs. NOT CONSIDERED

HJR B, Creates vouchers for students with special needs. NOT CONSIDERED

Tax policy changes  There are numerous bills making exemptions to property taxes and sales and use taxes on both the House and Senate Floor.