Issue Background

Improving the Practice of Teaching


  • Provide NBC fee subsidies to up to 200 NBC-candidates each year for the next 10 years and provide each NBC teacher a salary stipend of $2,000 for each year over the life of the 10-year license.
  • Suspend school grade and teacher evaluations consequences that are tied to student test scores so that Indiana can fairly transition to its new
    state assessment. 
  • Students of Nationally Board Certified (NBC) teachers outperform students of non-board certified teachers on achievement tests. The positive effect is even greater for minority students.
  • NBC helps change teachers’ formative assessment practices and their instruction in general. Even teachers who start at a lower skill level end up with better teaching practices than those who did not go through the process.
  • Adjusting for inflation and since 2003, Indiana had the second worst decline in teacher salaries. If Indiana wants to attract and keep the best and brightest teachers, we need to commit to professional salaries.