Illinois - SB9



January 11, 2017


Creates the Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Tax Act. Imposes a tax on distributors of bottled sugar-sweetened beverages, syrups, or powders at the rate of $0.01 per ounce of bottled sugar-sweetened beverages sold or offered for sale to a retailer for sale in the State to a consumer. Requires those distributors to obtain permits. Provides that 2% of the moneys shall be deposited into the Tax Compliance and Administration Fund for the administrative costs of the Department of Revenue, and 98% of the moneys shall be deposited into the General Revenue Fund. Amends the Illinois Income Tax Act. Makes changes concerning the rate of tax. Extends the research and development credit for tax years ending prior to January 1, 2027. Creates an addition modification in an amount equal to the deduction for ...

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