Issue Background

Every Student Succeeds Act

  • IPA supports comprehensive, fair, and objective performance evaluations of principals. Principal evaluation systems must rely on a core set of competencies in school leadership, or research-based evidence of the capabilities every principal or school leader must demonstrate in addition to student performance measures.
  • IPA supports professional development opportunities for principals to be included in reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.
  • IPA believes that the Elementary and Secondary Education Act’s procedures for restructuring schools that do not meet academic standards are arbitrary and subjective.  IPA supports school restructuring that is well thought out and accounts for the needs of students, parents, and school staff, and does not include school reform models that cannot be substantiated by evidence-based research.

Illinois and ESSA

(8/30/16) - Illinois' first draft of an ESSA implementation plan is now available for viewing at the Illinois State Board of Education website (click here). A second listening tour is scheduled for stakeholders and the community to react and provide feedback on the draft plan. The tour begins September 6 at Freeport High School and continues through September 28. View the full schedule here.

IPA and Alliance partners have been involved in ESSA Stakeholder workgroups since early July and discussing accountability items such as long term and interim goals, performance ratings that allow for meaningful differentiation among schools, student success and school quality indicators and English Learner proficiency. If you have thoughts to share on these or other topics, please contact Alison Maley.


ESSA Webinars

NASSP is hosting a series of webinars on various provisions of ESSA important to principals. The first webinar addressed Title I, and subsequent webinars will address Title II and TItle IV provisions of the law. See below for more information. 

Archived NASSP School of Thought Blog

Archived NAESP Advocacy Blog