Issue Background


IDSA is working to generate congressional support for tax credits for rapid infectious diseases diagnostics, modeled after the successful Orphan Drug Tax Credit, that would provide a credit of 50 percent of the qualified clinical testing expenses for the taxable year. To find out how you can help, email

Despite advances in diagnostic technology, there is an urgent need for tests that are easy to use, identify the microbe causing the infection, determine whether it is drug resistant, and provide results faster than current tests. Faster, more accurate tests would help ensure that patients are receiving the best treatment for a variety of infectious diseases, guide more effective infection control practices, and improve the tracking of outbreaks. Better tests would also help protect our dwindling supply of effective antibiotics by reducing their misuse. 

The IDSA report, Better Tests Better Care, Improved Diagnostics for Infectious Diseases, recommends the following policy interventions:

  1. Stimulate Diagnostics Research and Development (R&D)
  2. Address Regulatory Challenges to Diagnostics R&D
  3. Ensure Appropriate Levels of Reimbursement for Diagnostics Testing
  4. Encourage Adoption of New Tests
  5. Educate Healthcare Providers on the Use of Diagnostics
  6. Expedite Integration of Improved Diagnostic Tests into Patient Care