Boil advisory lifted for Wenatchee homes

2018-05-10 | The Wenatchee World

May 09--WENATCHEE -- City officials Wednesday afternoon lifted a boil advisory for part of Wenatchee after irrigation system water entered the potable water system.

The advisory was issued Tuesday for about 40 homes around Michael Place and Danawood Drive. Public Works Director Rob Jammerman on Wednesday said water samples submitted to the state Department of Health were cleared.

Jammerman said officials became aware of the problem after a homeowner reported the water had a "funny" taste.

"Many homes within the city have a system where the homeowner can irrigate the lawn off the irrigation system or off their domestic water supply, which is their drinking water," Jammerman said. "This particular resident did not have an approved backflow device on their irrigation system. It's our understanding that they thought their system was only irrigated from the irrigation system. It appears that a valve was open, and it allowed the irrigation water to enter."

Jammerman said the incident shows the importance of having a backflow device, which would have kept contaminated water from entering the drinking supply.

He said the city was looking into whether any action can be taken against the resident who caused the problem, but the main concern was getting everyone's water back to normal.

Anyone with questions about backflow devices can call the Public Works Department at 509-888-3200.

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