City utility customers provided protection

2017-08-08 | The Rushville Republican

Aug. 08--The City of Rushville is asking city utility customers to look closely at inserts that were in this month's bill.

As of Sept. 1, customers will automatically be enrolled in the Water Loss Protection program for an extra $1.30 per month. Please read the flyer to understand the benefits of being enrolled in this program. For the Water Line Protection program, customers will need to sign up by calling. This program is $4.40 per month.

The city is expanding their water loss coverage through the new ServLine Program and will be providing residential customers the opportunity to add line repair and replacement coverage.

Water loss protection

As a residential customer, they will automatically be protected by the Water Loss Program. This is the only ways residential leaks will be adjusted that occur after Sept. 1, 2017. Customers will have Water Loss Protection from excess water charges resulting from eligible leaks up to $500, no deductible. You can call to decline protection and accept full responsibility for water bills resulting from eligible plumbing leaks.

Line Protection

Enroll in Line Protection Program to avoid water line repair/replacement costs. Water Line Protection covers repairs or replacement of water line up to $10,000, no deductible. There is no annual limit. This includes public paved surfaces and $500 for basic site restoration and $500 for private paved surfaces like sidewalks or driveways. It also provides protection from your meter to the foundation of your home. This does not provide protection for water meters, water pit, water vault, pumps, valves or back flow meters. There is a 30 day waiting period for those who enroll after Sept. 1, 2017.

There is more information available about Water Loss Protection and Line Protection programs. Please direct all questions and inquiry to ServLine at 765-780-8642.

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