Issue Background

IAPMO Group's Government Relations

IAPMO is monitoring legislative developments impacting our industry. Click here for a list of bills we are currently tracking.

The IAPMO Group is the industry leader in working with policymakers and educating them on issues important to our industry. With the ever-changing leadership in Washington, D.C., IAPMO has established itself as the “go-to organization” and industry leader for legislators and other policymakers.

As part of its government relations strategy, the IAPMO Group focuses on the following:  

  • Federal Legislation — IAPMO has proven itself be very successful advancing key plumbing, water, solar and other related policy initiatives before Congress. We continue to advocate for industry-friendly initiatives to be included in legislation. IAPMO is aided in this process by its strong network of allies within the construction, codes and standards associations/developers industries.
  • Federal Regulation — IAPMO has effectively worked with Federal agencies in the development key regulations that impacts our industry. We carefully monitor every step of the Federal rule making process to protect the industry from burdensome and potentially harmful regulation.
  • State Policy Advancement — IAPMO carefully monitors and researches legislative and regulatory initiatives in every state across the nation. As opportunities arise, we coordinate with local field offices to influence policies that directly impact communities and local businesses. 
  • International Opportunities — IAPMO has a substantial international presence, and as such many international policies, trade-barriers, and international relations greatly affect the success of these programs. IAPMO works closely with policymakers and other stakeholders in advancing our industry’s interests abroad.

IAPMO is the leading advocate for the plumbing industy before Congress and the Federal Government.