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Issue Background

Criminal Justice Reform

We support efforts to reduce mass incarceration and to reduce recidivism and wrongful conviction. We oppose solitary confinement and the death penalty. We support efforts to promote restorative justice.

See the Criminal Justice Reform bills we are working on here.

Quakers have a long tradition of prison reform both in England and in the United States.  For centuries, Friends have opposed capital punishment and worked for its abolition. They have championed restorative justice instead of retribution.

Following in this tradition, FCLCA has developed a strong reputation at the Capitol for our expertise in criminal justice legislation.

We believe that California's criminal justice and prison systems are broken and need to be fixed.

We work with our partners to co-sponsor legislation and advocate with legislators and their staffs to promote responsible reform, closely monitoring bills introduced to the Senate and Assembly Public Safety Committees. FCLCA weighs in on dozens of bills each session and frequently testifies at committee hearings.