Federal - HR 217

Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act


January 3, 2017


Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act "prohibit[s] family planning grants from being awarded to any entity that performs abortions...."

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Rep. Diane Black: "As a nurse for over 40 years, I have spent my career protecting life. As a member of Congress, I continue this critical fight for life. With the start of the new Congress, I re-introduced former Congressman Mike Pence’s (IN) legislation, the Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act (H.R. 217), which would stop Title X federal grants from going to abortion providers. Planned Parenthood is both the largest abortion provider in America and the largest recipient of Title X dollars. While Title X grants are intended to fund critical women’s health services for low income Americans, Planned Parenthood misuses taxpayer dollars to supplant its abortion services. I will not rest until we put a stop to Planned Parenthood’s blatant abuse of taxpayer dollars to subsidize its big abortion business."

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  • July 25, 2018 — Additional cosponsor(s): 1

    Norman, (R-S.C.)
  • April 23, 2018 — Additional cosponsor(s): 1

    Flores, (R-Texas)
  • Feb. 13, 2018 — Additional cosponsor(s): 1

    Jones, (R-N.C.)
  • Jan. 30, 2018 — Additional cosponsor(s): 1

    Biggs, (R-Ariz.)
  • Jan. 29, 2018 — Additional cosponsor(s): 1

    Wagner, (R-Mo.)
  • Nov. 8, 2017 — Additional cosponsor(s): 1

    Allen, (R-Ga.)
  • Feb. 28, 2017 — Additional cosponsor(s): 1

    Grothman, (R-Wis.)
  • Feb. 3, 2017 — Additional cosponsor(s): 2

    Duncan, Jeff (R-S.C.)Roe, (R-Tenn.)
  • Jan. 31, 2017 — Additional cosponsor(s): 3

    Amash, (R-Mich.)Murphy, T. (R-Pa.)Roby, (R-Ala.)
  • Jan. 24, 2017 — Additional cosponsor(s): 2

    Hunter, (R-Calif.)Wenstrup, (R-Ohio)
  • Jan. 3, 2017 — Read twice and referred to: House Energy and Commerce.Congressional Record p. H44

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