MCH may move Pro-Care offices

2019-04-02 | Odessa American

April 01-- Apr. 1--The finance committee for the Ector County Hospital District will on Tuesday during the regular meeting consider approval of an almost $300,000 bid to relocate the Medical Center Hospital Pro-Care administration offices.

The finance committee meets at 4:30 p.m. in the second-floor board room at MCH, 500 W. Fourth Street. The full ECHD board of directors will also meet at 5:30 p.m. in the same location.

District 7 board member Don Hallmark, who chairs the real estate committee, said Monday the hospital has been leasing a building for the office, but by building out a piece of a building they already own, it will save the hospital money in the long run.

"We've been leasing a building that we didn't need to lease. We've got plenty of buildings," Hallmark said, adding "... the amount of the build out will pay itself out in short succession."

The current Pro-Care administrative offices are located at 110 E. Seventh St. The new location of the offices, if approved by the board, would be at the Center for Health and Wellness, 8050 E. Highway 191. The new offices would require finishing out existing shelled space in the northwest corner of the first floor of the building, staff notes in the board packet stated.

The area of renovations would be 1,806 square feet and include six offices, a conference room, break room, copy room and reception area, the notes detailed.

There were three general contractors that bid on the project and staff notes indicated a recommendation of awarding the project to the lowest bidder, RRC Const., who bid $259,000. The total project budget would be $298,000, which would include $10,000 for furniture, fixtures and equipment and $28,900 for architectural fees.

Other bids included those by Onyx for $279,700 and JC Roberts for $307,683.

The project will be funded through contingency capital, staff notes stated. It will produce a net present value of $111,001 over five years, a return on investment of 48.89% and has a payback period of 2.7 years, the notes stated.


The finance committee will also consider approval of a bid for an upgrade to the HVAC systems on two isolation rooms on the eighth floor and two isolation rooms on the ninth floor of the central towers for the purpose of "bringing the rooms into compliance with TDSHS (Texas Department of State Health Services) requirements for negative air," the board packet stated.

The board packet shows staff recommended the board choose the lowest bidder, Henthorn, who bid $137,000 for the project. The total project budget, if approved, would be $151,650, which includes $14,600 for architectural and engineering fees, the notes stated. The project would be funded through contingency capital.

The finance committee will also consider the financial report for the month ending Feb. 28 and approval of HealthSure Insurance Consulting Extension Agreements.


The full board of directors will consider the purchase of a Premier staffing management tool.

Staff notes detailed that the productivity committee reviewed three companies to standardize practices of labor management and fulfill the following goals:

>> Ability to drive efficiencies.

>> Assist with appropriate staffing and flexing opportunities.

>> Ability to provide a means to benchmark with other organizations for best practice.

>> Comparison of volume to staffing.

>> Reports.

"Within the Premier product the committee feels the purchase of the onsite resource person five days per month and use of benchmarking data will effectively integrate the system and move MCH into a different direction," staff notes stated.

The productivity committee recommended the purchase, which would cost about $70,000 with annual fees of $39,120 and would be added to current fees they have with the Kronos system. The Premier bundle, which would include early renewal of supply chain advisor, would total $391,045 which would breakdown to $197,553 for the first year and years two through five would be added on to the existing Premier annual contract fees under IT, averaging $85,000, the notes detailed.


The board will also consider approval of endowment funds distribution.

"As required by the Trust Agreements for the endowed chairs at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center-Permian Basin; Odessa College School of Nursing; and the University of Texas Permian Basin, the Ector County Hospital District must approve the distribution of earnings to the respective institutions," staff notes in the board packet stated.

The following is a summary of the distribution funds, net of 10 percent reinvestment:

>> TTUHSC-Permian Basin for the benefit of Internal Medicine; Family Practice, Obstetrics; and School of Nursing: $60,802.92.

>> Odessa College for the benefit of the School of Nursing: $17,506.59.

>> UTPB for the benefit of the School of Nursing: $11,010.67.

Once the board approves the distributions, Prosperity Bank Trust will be instructed to issue checks the appropriate institutions, the notes stated.


The board of directors will also consider another agreement with Oberon Solar, LLC. ECHD approved an agreement with Oberon in 2018 to provide property tax incentives for its proposed solar project and the company is now planning a second phase, that will be financed separately, the board packet stated.

The two phases would utilize the same Enterprise Zone, have the same estimated investment and be completed on the same timeline.

174 Power Global is planning separate ownership for the two phases and is asking the district to sign an agreement with Oberon that is nearly identical to the agreement signed for the first phase. The only exception is the entity name and start of construction date, the packet stated.


>> An Emergency Department throughput improvements presentation.

>> United Way of Odessa presentation.

>> A CMS Star Rating Presentation.

>> Committee reports.

>>TTUHSC at the Permian Basin report.

>> April 2019 Associates of the Month.

>> March Patient Satisfaction Winners.

>> Entering into closed session for the following: consultation with attorney regarding legal matter and legal issues; deliberation regarding exchange, lease, or value of real property; deliberation and evaluation of officers and employees of ECHD; deliberation regarding negotiations for health care services; information that, if disclosed, would give advantage to a competitor; and advice, recommendations, opinions or other material reflecting the policymaking processes of ECHD.

>> Approval of MCH ProCare Provider Agreements following closed session.