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Issue Background

CSRO: All States | One Voice

The challenging health care environment is affecting the way rheumatologists manage their practices, interfering with patient access to care and forcing rheumatologists to make difficult decisions.  State legislatures are considering an increasing amount of legislation of impact to the rheumatologic community.  In response, rheumatologists must be engaged at both the state and federal levels to protect their patients and their livelihood.

CSRO is dedicated to empowering rheumatologists and their practices with resources to proactively increase patient access to rheumatologic care and medication, and to improve the practice environment for rheumatologists in private practice.  In this endeavor, CSRO is pleased to offer a wide range of materials to state and regional rheumatology organizations and its members. 

The CSRO State Action Center is designed to inform and engage the rheumatology community on vital issues, including:

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